Next-generation, infused analytics platform achieves record growth

TYSONS, Va., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qrvey, the infused analytics platform built for SaaS companies, today announced a record setting 2021 and tremendous momentum entering 2022. The company quadrupled its customer base and its annual recurring revenues year-over-year.

On the back of this growth, Qrvey is pleased to announce that Ben Mathew has been promoted from Chief Revenue Officer to President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Qrvey has had incredible quarter-over-quarter growth consistently these last few years” said Ben Mathew, President & COO of Qrvey. “The reasons are clear: the market has shown that SaaS companies have grown frustrated with the current state of embedded analytics offerings that are generally built for enterprise use cases rather than SaaS application use cases. Our platform is uniquely architected, both from a technical and business standpoint, to cater to the infused analytics needs of SaaS companies. Our growth is a reflection that the need is real, and demand will continue to grow. We’re grateful to our incredible customers, partners and employees for their continued trust and support.”

“I have always treated Ben as a partner in the business and am thrilled to have him drive more aspects of our business,” said Arman Eshraghi, Founder and CEO of Qrvey. “Ben’s dedication to Qrvey, combined with his track record of operational success, make him the perfect fit to lead the team and drive our expansion plans in 2022 and beyond.”

“Qrvey will continue to invest heavily in our technology and our people,” Mathew said. “We look forward to continued growth in 2022, hitting even bigger milestones and continuing to expand our global footprint, while offering the value our customers demand and expect. To that end, we are hiring across all functions and look forward to building an organization to scale.”

About Qrvey

Qrvey is the most comprehensive infused analytics platform built to help SaaS companies generate more revenue and increase developer efficiency by simplifying the process of putting actionable insights in the hands of all their customers and users. Qrvey’s AWS-native platform creates the most cost-effective embedded analytics solution on the market, driven by a team with decades of experience in the analytics industry.

For more information about how Qrvey delivers “Infused Analytics for SaaS Companies” , visit

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