Data Ingestion

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Analytics for ALL your data

Set your analytics free from the confines of structured databases and unlock the true potential of your company’s dark data sources. Qrvey can analyze traditional databases like Postgres and MySQL as well as semi- and unstructured data including files, emails, audio, video, social media and more. 

Ingest Data From Everywhere

Your company’s data doesn’t just live inside databases anymore. Neither should your analytics. That’s why Qrvey includes the ability to collect data from machines and IoT devices, 3rd-party systems, and even from humans using a full suite of web forms.

High Performance Architecture

Qrvey is the only serverless, cloud-native analytics platform on AWS that allows you to process data at the speed of your business. Stop paying for servers you’re not using and spending time managing infrastructure. With Qrvey, you get maximum power, efficiency and cost savings with a unique analytics solution that’s deployed right into your own AWS account for maximum control.

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Multi-Layer Security

Qrvey provides multi-layer security to keep your data and analytics secure with built-in encryption for data in-transit and at rest, as well as users, roles and permissions in both the data and analytics layers. Qrvey also deploys into your existing AWS account, so it always complies with your existing privacy and security schemas.

What Does “All Data Accepted” Mean?


Qrvey includes direct data connections for traditional data sources like MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, Postgres & file uploads no matter where those sources may reside.


Data Router is a powerful set of APIs for the collection and transformation of structured, semi- and unstructured data at lightning speeds.

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Already have your data on AWS? Qrvey easily connects to existing AWS data sources including Aurora, DynamoDB, and Redshift and makes everything analytics ready inside Elasticsearch.


Qrvey also includes a full suite of forms, surveys and quizzes to collect and augment data from human sources withpowerful features like branching and automation.

A Fully Automated Data Pipeline

With Qrvey, data collection doesn’t stop when it’s loaded. Qrvey automates your entire data pipeline, profiling and augmenting all new data with advanced machine learning, then applying our automation layer to trigger actions and workflows that can truly deliver on the promise of data-driven decision making.

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See for yourself how Qrvey simplifies analytics on AWS and moves beyond visualizations and into the age of microservices. We welcome the opportunity to show you what a modern analytics platform powered by machine learning can do and answer any questions you may have.

What Qrvey Offers

  • All data accepted — even dark data like images and video!
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • An advanced, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Business-friendly, flexible licensing

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