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With Qrvey’s Embedded Analytics, You Can Reduce Your Snowflake Costs for Analytics Queries

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Snowflake Cost Optimization Calculator

Estimating cost savings for a Snowflake warehouse used for ad-hoc queries.
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Your Current Snowflake Warehouse

Default $3 per credit

Default 22 days per month (weekdays only)

Current Daily Snowflake Usage for All Data Queries

Default 6 hours per day

Target Snowflake Usage With Only Real-Time Data Queries

If you only used Snowflake for real-time reports, what would usage be then?

Your Savings With Qrvey

Reduce Snowflake Costs By Over 50%

Qrvey’s embedded analytics for Snowflake can help lower your Snowflake bill and give you a better embedded analytics experience within your SaaS application.

Common Way (Costly)

All data for dashboard usage is backed by Snowflake using a dedicated warehouse for ad-hoc queries.

New Efficient Way

Using Qrvey, single dashboards can combine multiple data sources to minimize the queries to your Snowflake analytics warehouse.


Take a deeper dive on how we help Snowflake customers lower their Snowflake spend.


Reduce Queries to Snowflake for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey’s embedded analytics for SaaS apps offer the unique ability to combine analytics widgets in a single dashboard using multiple data sources enabling customizable data analysis right by all your users.

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Use Qrvey for:

Qrvey Provides the Best of Both Worlds

When paired with Snowflake’s serverless infrastructure, organizations can fine-tune the tradeoff between real-time data needs and cost management. The flexibility delivers analytics that are current, comprehensive, and cost-efficient across both real-time dashboards and interactive exploratory analysis.

Seamless Integration

The Qrvey dashboard and visual analytics platform provides a seamless integration with Snowflake’s serverless architecture. By leveraging Qrvey’s flexible connectivity options, organizations can optimize costs while still meeting their real-time and near-real-time analytics needs.

Use Both Live and Near Real-Time

Qrvey offers both live and cached connectivity modes to Snowflake. The live connection delivers true real-time analytics by querying data as it arrives in Snowflake. This ensures users always have access to the freshest data.

Reduce Live Querying Costs

Live connections incur continuous querying costs that may be unnecessary for near-real-time use cases. Qrvey allows SaaS companies to cache data and refresh it on a scheduled basis. The cached data is just seconds or minutes delayed, but slashes the querying costs substantially.


A Hybrid Approach to Embedded Analytics

Real-time data from Snowflake Near real-time data from Qrvey

Embedded Analytics Software

SaaS application users build and customize dashboards using multiple data sources right from within your SaaS application.

Qrvey Processing Layer

Qrvey’s native processing layer can dynamically query data from multiple sources, routing the query to the appropriate source.

Data Warehouse

Snowflake maintains its role as the primary data warehouse and the source of real-time data, but syncs data to Qrvey to power multi-tenant analytics.


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