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The Age of Data-Driven Decision Making

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Digital Ad Spend is on the Rise

Digital ad spending is expected to reach over $200 billion by 2023 and for good reason. Unlike every other form of advertising, only digital allows ad platforms to tailor their messaging to specific audiences and individuals.

All of those clicks, page views, video views and interactions generate a mountain of data that requires sophisticated advertising analytics software to make sense of it all.

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Customizable AdTech Analytics Solution for SaaS Applications


Advertising and marketing analytics refers to the analysis and measurement of advertising and marketing performance data to guide business decisions. It involves using data analytics techniques to quantify, analyze and optimize marketing initiatives like ad campaigns, email marketing, social media, SEO, and website activities. The goal is to attribute sales revenue and conversions to marketing channels to understand their return on investment (ROI).

Some typical users include:

  • Marketing managers – To measure campaign effectiveness and optimize marketing spends across channels.
  • Digital marketers – To track web traffic, social media engagement, email performance and optimize campaigns.
  • Media buyers – To determine the ideal mix of advertising platforms and purchases based on insights.
  • Web analysts – To analyze site traffic, user engagement, funnel conversion and optimize web pages.
  • Sales managers – To quantify the impact of marketing on sales pipeline and revenue.
  • Executive management – To make data-driven decisions on marketing strategies and budgets.

Some common use cases are:

  • Marketing attribution – Identify the most effective channels, ad placements, creatives, keywords etc. that influence conversions.
  • Campaign analysis – Measure reach, clicks, conversions, costs, and other KPIs to optimize campaign spending and performance.
  • Audience segmentation – Create customer personas and target specific segments based on their interests, behaviors and demographics.
  • Media mix modeling – Determine the optimal mix of media channels to allocate budget.
  • Web analytics – Analyze visitor engagement metrics on website to improve conversions.
  • Social media analytics – Track reach, engagement, sentiment etc. to guide social strategy.
  • Predictive analytics – Forecast sales, website traffic, lead conversions etc. to set targets.
  • Marketing ROI – Quantify revenue and profit generated from marketing to demonstrate value.

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