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The Next Generation of Membership Analytics

Don’t settle for association analytics that only offers charts, reports and dashboards. Build smarter associations with embedded analytics helps you automate your entire member lifecycle and offers access to all of the key insights and metrics you need.

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Key Capabilities of Qrvey for Association Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is membership analytics?

Membership analytics involves collecting and analyzing data about members to gain insights into engagement, retention, churn risk, lifetime value, and other metrics to inform membership strategies.

Member organizations like museums, libraries, associations, clubs, subscription services, etc.

Common roles are marketing managers, membership directors, customer analytics teams.

  • Segmenting members by attributes like demographics, engagement, value, etc.
  • Predicting renewal/churn likelihood to target retention campaigns.
  • Calculating member lifetime value and ROI of acquisition efforts.
  • Personalizing communications and offers based on member interests.
  • Analyzing usage patterns to improve membership benefits.
  • A/B testing pricing, messaging, campaigns to boost conversion.
  • Uncovering trends and correlations that provide membership insights.
  • Monitoring KPIs like new sign-ups, renewals, retention over time.