Ever since the dawn of the computer age, technology has been changing the face of business. In the transition from mainframes to PCs and in the transition to the Internet and the cloud, the focus was clearly on “more.” More speed, more power, more connectivity and more data being collected. Since then, however, as businesses have moved towards mobile computing and then towards today’s up-and-coming voice assistants, the focus has actually flipped, to “less.”

On mobile devices, there simply isn’t as much screen real estate to show you “more,” which means that applications have to become smarter and only show you what you need, when and where you need it. With voice assistants, there’s no screen at all, which is why these systems rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence on the backend to become smart enough to distill your questions and requests down to a single voice response.

With traditional desktop computing, applications actually did less work, instead just displaying more information to the user so they could do the work of analyzing and interpreting the results. In the future however, these applications will have to do more of the work, and more of the thinking and analysis, so users can do less. The ultimate business application is actually not one that displays a complex dashboard of metrics and information, but rather a screenless app that can just tell you, “Everything is going well, there’s nothing you need to worry about.”

Qrvey is all about making smart applications easier and quicker than ever before. We already use machine learning algorithms to collect and connect data to our platform. We use artificial intelligence in our analytics platform to process and categorize text-based data. And our automation system is being designed to provide simple answers to complex problems, moving toward that ideal world of alerts that can simply tell you, “Everything is great.”

Best of all, these tools are all being designed with end users in mind, so whether you’re an individual or department, or a large enterprise or software vendor. Everyone will be able to take advantage of tomorrow’s screenless future to enhance their workday and their business.

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