The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s our favorite time of year, the annual AWS re:Invent conference! re:Invent is when we learn about all of the new products and services AWS is making available to us, and in turn, all of the great products and services Qrvey will be making available to you, our customers.

One of the big advantages of partnering with Amazon is that every year, they make hundreds of improvements to their cloud. Every one of those improvements allows Qrvey to grow and improve our platform.

This year, Amazon’s analytics announcements centered in three categories that are already near and dear to Qrvey: data, serverless, AI/ML and devOps. All analytics starts with data, but sometimes storing and accessing your data can get a little expensive. Amazon has always been focused on reducing costs and one such announcement this year was a new infrequent-use table class in DynamoDB. By moving infrequently-used data into this new table class, customers can expect to see data cost reductions of up to 60%.

Next up, serverless. Amazon made a number of announcements surrounding new serverless technologies this year at re:Invent. At AWS, they always aim for optimal cloud utilization, and there’s nothing more efficient than serverless. That’s why the entire Qrvey platform has moved to serverless and why we were excited to hear that both Redshift and Sagemaker are expanding their serverless offerings.

Qrvey currently connects to Redshift data sources and Sagemaker is a staple of our AI/ML suite. These updates will also mean cost savings for Qrvey customers.

Speaking of AI/ML, Amazon also announced some new features this year to help its Comprehend Medical service work better with medical records. They also reduced API pricing by up to 90%. Qrvey currently has several healthcare customers and we’ve already begun looking at what these announcements will mean for our platform.

Finally, Amazon spent a good amount of time with announcements for DevOps. Qrvey has spent a lot of time making sure our platform is DevOp-friendly. We provide all of the tools your DevOps team needs to easily monitor, maintain and update our platform.

This year’s AWS announcements surrounding log monitoring optimizations and Compute optimizations are all features that we will be utilizing to save our customers both time and money.

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