Having The Right Tools For The Job

Qrvey was built on the premise that data, analytics and automation shouldn’t just be for a handful of individuals at your company, they should be available to everyone. That meant developing a platform with easy-to-use tools to make the task of analyzing and automating data approachable for not just developers, but for everyday business users. But we didn’t stop there, we also made the task of administering Qrvey just as easy utilizing a hybrid-cloud deployment model built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and by creating our Admin Portal.

Qrvey’s Admin Portal is a unified web-based console that provides administrators with all of the tools they need to easily monitor and manage their Qrvey embedded analytics deployments. The portal is comprised of four sections, one for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Router, the Qrvey platform (which includes the embedded analytics functions), and account management. With just a few clicks, administrators can perform common tasks, monitor and make changes from just about anywhere.

Data Router is Qrvey’s data ingest and transformation engine. The Data Router and AWS consoles inside the Admin Portal allow administrators to monitor the health of their Elasticsearch, check on the progress of their data loads and scale up and down their AWS server configuration to optimize performance and reduce costs. Inside the Qrvey platform console, admins can enable and disable individual features, manage users and deploy applications to production instances. The account management console allows for the monitoring of key metrics like usage and data size. Combined, these consoles provide a simplified, yet holistic view of your data and the Qrvey platform.

All of these tools combined replace a host of disparate web consoles and command line tools that are typical of other cloud applications. Qrvey treats its Admin Portal as a product and is actively developing it to include even more information and functionality to make using Qrvey an enjoyable no-code experience, even for administrators.