Qrvey’s debut appearance is a clear indication that the next-generation of BI tools for SaaS companies has arrived.

Dresner Advisory Services is one of the preeminent analyst firms covering the business intelligence market. Each year – for the last 13 years – its experts have queried BI customers, analyzed data and reported on their findings to provide a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and the value each vendor offers. 

Leveraging its trademark 33-criteria vendor performance measurement system, users glean key insights into the performance of BI software suppliers, enabling companies to compare results and choose the perfect vendor for their needs.

This year, Qrvey made its debut appearance in Dresner’s BI Market Study and was deemed amongst the best in class. Below is a recap of the many highlights in this year’s report. If you’re a SaaS company interested in the embedded analytics space, you can also download a free copy of the report here. 

Overall – Top Vendor

Overall, Qrvey was the top BI vendor ranked by Dresner.

We earned this accolade by providing a streamlined pre-sales experience, a cutting edge analytics platform built for SaaS companies, and stellar post-sales technical support. Our ranking reflects our exclusive focus on meeting the needs of the growing number of SaaS vendors. As end-users increasingly demand analytics capabilities on all their devices and expect a consistent application experience across all in-app capabilities, the burden on SaaS companies to service these unique requirements continues to grow, requiring the skills and expertise of platforms like Qrvey.

Only modern vendors are capable of meeting the unique requirements of SaaS companies. These vendors, such as Qrvey, offer software which is designed to scale to all users, lowers costs by taking advantage of the SaaS-first infrastructure and offers more enhanced capabilities than basic white labeling. 

Delivering on these requirements is why Qrvey – in our first year appearing in Dresner’s report earned the number one vendor overall placement. 

Value – #1 Contender

TL;DR – Spend Less, Earn More

As a third generation analytics vendor, Qrvey delivers considerable value. Customers realize this value in two ways – by leveraging lower cost software infrastructure and generating new reporting-based revenue streams. 

Cost savings come from four main areas: 

  • More efficient development and engineering by taking advantage of our microservices architecture 
  • Lower infrastructure costs due to our serverless approach 
  • Better compliance by co-hosting analytics within your existing environment
  • Inexpensive maintenance/upgrades delivered into your environment limiting the number of server licenses needed for dev/testing environments.

New revenue streams are also readily available with the right solution. Qrvey customers reported better opportunities for selling high-margin reporting based professional services, an increase in customer lifetime value and improved ability to upsell into existing accounts.

Overall, customers are acknowledging that our infused approach to analytics are yielding the outcomes only a third-generation vendor can offer.

Customer Recommend – A Perfect Score

TL;DR – A vendor designed to support SaaS companies

We deliver features, services and support that makes customers successful. When customers were asked this question, they provided a perfect score. Achieving a perfect rating is an indication that Qrvey has built a product and culture obsessed with customer success. By partnering with a vendor like Qrvey you can be comforted to know we go above and beyond to make sure you meet your business objectives.

Technical Support – Another Top Vendor

TL;DR – Experts immersed in your business are ready to help

We are exclusively focused on SaaS vendors. Our support team, documentation and professional services are all aligned with helping you thrive in the hyper competitive SaaS world. One aspect of the market is the always-on nature of support. With customers across the globe, Qrvey is focused on ensuring solutions are quickly delivered to vendors who rely on our solution to deliver value to their customers. 

Qrvey has invested heavily in providing best-in-class support to our customers ensuring that if you have any issues they will be quickly resolved.

Sales / Acquisitions Experience – A Top Vendor Yet Again

TL;DR – A consultative approach focused on you

While post-sales support is critical (and as noted above we are the top vendor for technical support) the buying experience is also important. Qrvey approaches the sales experience differently, in that we are very particular about who we allow into our sales process. We are experts in helping SaaS vendors using AWS (or willing to use AWS) and therefore if you don’t fit that criteria we won’t engage in a sales cycle.

The result is an extremely focused, consultative, expert-led experience which focused on the specific needs of a segment of the market. We match each prospect with an expert engineer who has 10+ years of experience in the analytics market and particular expertise in AWS. The result is a streamlined process that answers difficult questions, demonstrates value quickly and guarantees only vendors that will be successful with Qrvey move forward.

It’s clear from the scoring in the study that our focused approach is working.


Ultimately, the Dresner Wisdom of Crowds study shows that the market is ready for an innovative vendor like Qrvey. Designed to support SaaS companies, our software will scale with your business, lower your costs and provide you with new revenue opportunities. If you’re a SaaS vendor on AWS (or willing to use AWS as part of a multi-cloud strategy) we’d be happy to match you up with one of our analytics experts and begin our industry leading sales process and show how Qrvey can help you. Request a demo of Qrvey today. 


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