Webinar: The Problem with Traditional Analytics – Part 1

Qrvey is the analytics platform that solves today’s biggest analytics challenges, and to prove it, we’re launching a new three-part webinar series simply entitled “The Problems with Traditional Analytics.

In part one, we’ll be exploring the dark data problem, which is simply that traditional analytics leaves up to 70% of your business data behind. Legacy products can’t process semi- and unstructured data and they aren’t equipped to handle the volume, velocity and diversity of today’s business data. That means your business isn’t seeing the complete data picture or worse, is making decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data.

In our webinar, we’ll detail all of the dark data pitfalls and show you how to fix  them with a modern, cloud-native analytics platform. Space is limited, click the link below for a list of available dates/times.

In parts two and three of the webinar series, we’ll take a deep dive into the two other biggest challenges of traditional analytics, performance and user adoption.

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