A High-Performance Data Integration Service for Qrvey Analytics

What is Data Router?

Your company’s data is only valuable if it can be readily analyzed. That means you need data tools that can collect, augment and transform your data, while making it available to everyone who needs it, wherever they need it.

Data Router is Qrvey’s data integration tool that performs all of these functions, all in a no-code environment, and turns your data into a high-performance data powerhouse that can be leveraged by Qrvey’s analytic and automation platform.

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Key Benefits

cloud native

100% Cloud Native

Built on the latest cloud services, Data Router scales to support any volume or velocity of data, includes robust AI and ML transformations and continually evolves to include new cloud services as they are introduced.

Push data from anywhere

Easily push data from anywhere

Data Router makes it easy to move any type of data into Qrvey’s Elasticsearch backend. It works with structured, semi- and unstructured data as well as with files, audio and video, and feeds and connections from any existing data source.

real time

Work with historical or real-time data

Data Router supports high-volume batch loading and has the power to process high-velocity real-time data as well. No matter what your data needs, Data Router can deliver.


Flexibility where you need it most

Data Router features flexible metadata including column mapping, transformations and filters. Map any structure of data, any types of fields or choose from our growing list of data transformations and functions.


Scalable to meet your changing needs

Data Router can be tuned to accommodate any volume or velocity of data, while still being flexible enough to ramp down when not needed to stay within your budget.

Stay informed

Stay informed and in control

Data Router includes a full suite of administrator tools for testing, debugging and logging, as well as performance and load monitoring so you’ll always know the health of your deployments.


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