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Qrvey is the only analytic platform that combines analytics, automation and data collection along with powerful data routing and admin tools, all in a fully cloud-native environment that is fast, flexible and scales to meet even the most demanding of use cases.

Unique Deployment Model

Many products can be deployed to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean they’re taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer, or that they provide the features your company requires, like control and data security. But Qrvey is different.

Qrvey is not a SaaS offering, nor are we simply software that can be hosted in the cloud. We uniquely deploy into your own AWS cloud account, so you’re always in control of your installation and your data. And we are also cloud-native, taking full advantage of powerful cloud services like Elasticsearch, S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lamba and dozens more. No other analytics solution can come close to the power and scalability of Qrvey. Learn more.

AWS Unique Deployment

All Data Analyzed

Businesses are generating more data, and more types of data, than ever before. All of that data demands a platform that can analyze structured, semi- and unstructured data, along with files, audio, video and more. Qrvey was built on an “All Data Analyzed” philosophy and can ingest any type of data no matter where lives... on premise, in the cloud, on your desktop or on third-party systems.

Give your users the complete data picture with the only analytics platform that can analyze all of your data. Learn more.

All Data Analyzed

Artificial Intelligence

The next wave of augmented analytics is here and Qrvey is using the power of the cloud to deliver cloud-native AI and machine learning technologies. Augmented analytics is transforming every aspect of analysis, from how data is collected, how it's analyzed and ultimately how it's consumed, shared and distributed. With Qrvey, you can better analyze and identify your data, spot trends and outliers and provide insights on even the largest datasets. Learn more.

Artificial Inteligent

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See for yourself what a modern analytics platform can mean for your software or service business. In this quick 10-minute demo, you’ll receive an overview of Qrvey’s many powerful analytic capabilities.