An all-in-one solution for all your data needs

Cloud-native analytics and

The Qrvey Platform

Qrvey is comprised of two primary components, Qrvey Analytics and Data Router, both of which are built on a modern cloud architecture to maximize flexibility, scalability and performance when you need it most. Qrvey deploys into your own AWS cloud account, so you’re always in full control of your data security and privacy.

Qrvey Analytics bundles data collection, analytics and automation with an easy to use interface that non-technical users will love. Even everyday business users can use Qrvey’s powerful, self-service tools to connect to data and build their own charts, visualizations, metrics, reports, dashboards.

Qrvey Data Router provides data pros with full-featured, no-code data collection and ETL tools that make loading, preparing and monitoring data a breeze. Learn more.

Learn even more about The Benefits of an All-in-One Platform
Learn even more about The Benefits of an All-in-One Platform
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Data Profiler

See a summary of your data instantly and quickly identify patterns, trends and outliers.

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Tabular Analyzer

Work with your data in a familiar spreadsheet view to add, delete and make changes.

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Visual Chart Analyzer

Create beautiful and insightful charts and visualizations in minutes with just a few clicks.

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Advanced Analytics

Let machine learning and artificial intelligence automatically analyze and augment your data.

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Web Form Builder

Quickly create forms, surveys and quizzes to collect, enhance or update your data.

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Metric Builder

Build easy-to-read dials, gauges and KPIs that make setting goals and thresholds a breeze.

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Dashboard Builder

Build and share insightful, secure dashboards to show the health of your business at a glance.

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Report Builder

Build beautiful and functional reports to get the information you need to the people who need it.

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App Builder

Take your analytics on the go by building powerful, yet easy to use analytic applications.

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Data Workflows

Create actions that can automatically be triggered when certain data conditions are detected.

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Data Router

Keep your data up to date, in sync and “analytics ready” with a powerful, no-code data router.

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Send emails or text messages when conditions are triggered or thresholds have been met.

The Qrvey All-in-One Business Analytic Platform

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