The Right Architecture Drives Performance

As your company’s data grows in size and complexity, it quickly becomes apparent that getting the answers you need, when you need them, can become a costly and time-consuming affair.

There are only so many additional servers you can add to your traditional analytics platform before the cost becomes a limiting factor. While many products can now be deployed to the cloud inside containers, only a true, cloud-native platform that leverages the power of microservices can provide the performance today’s businesses require. Put simply, we believe microservices are the future of software architecture.

Legacy analytics were never engineered for today’s data sizes, diversity or complexity. Their dated architectures make it impossible for them to perform effectively and scale efficiently.

They allow large and complex data tasks to be broken down into their essential components that can be optimized and scaled instantly to meet ever-changing conditions and the most demanding of workloads. Solutions that leverage microservices offer unprecedented levels of flexibility to scale while also being efficient and cost-effective.They also don’t require the periodic and expensive rearchitecting that have become all too common with traditional software.

No business can afford to fall behind the competition with aging technology that can’t deliver the performance it needs. Only software built with a modern, cloud-native architecture and microservices can keep you on the cutting edge to meet the analytics challenges of today and tomorrow. Make the smart choice and future-proof your analytics investment.