A No Compromise Approach To SaaS Data Security

SaaS Data Security Concerns

When it comes to moving your company’s data into the cloud, data security is always top of mind. Most companies that have resisted moving to the cloud thus far often cite security and privacy concerns as their top reason for waiting. In the end however, more and more companies have learned that the many benefits and cost savings of moving to the cloud more than outweigh having to learn the new world of cloud security protocols. That’s why cloud adoption continues to grow and even accelerate. But what happens when you need to connect your company’s cloud data to third-party SaaS services?

The Challenges Of SaaS Security

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, you’ll inevitably want to connect at least some of your corporate data to other services. While AWS offers dozens of terrific services for data, analytics and machine learning, that doesn’t mean your company has the time, effort or expertise to build all new functionality from scratch. This fact makes third-party SaaS solutions very appealing, but they also come at a cost. When adding third-party services to your cloud, there are many SaaS security factors to consider. Even when connecting to services inside of Amazon’s own ecosystem companies add a whole new level of risk and complexity to their cloud installation.

Many SaaS providers focus their time on the functionality they’re offering. They offer very little in the way of cloud management and compliance tools and even finding transparency on exactly how they operate and what safeguards they employ to protect your company’s data may be hard to come by. SaaS providers make it easy to add features and access your data from anywhere, but they also require new layers of encryption, authentication, complexity and compliance concerns that must be constantly monitored.

The No-Compromise Approach To Security

Qrvey took a different approach to data security and privacy within our embedded analytics solution. We are not a SaaS provider. Instead, our AWS analytics solution is installed directly into your existing AWS cloud deployments. We are the only analytics provider to take this unique deployment approach. By living within your existing infrastructure, Qrvey eliminates all of the security concerns you’d have with third-party providers. There are no new security policies to review and no API keys to keep track of. There is no added complexity of linking and maintaining two different services. Identity, encryption, authentication and compliance are all built in because you’ve already built them to meet your company’s specific needs.

With Qrvey, you never need to compromise on security. You remain 100% in control of your data, infrastructure, policies and procedures. Qrvey builds on top of all of the hard work you’ve already done to secure and protect your AWS data. We expand your analytics capabilities with an entire platform of new possibilities without compromise.

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