Reduce Your Snowflake Costs

Save Money Analyzing Snowflake-Hosted Data

Snowflake’s Linear and Exponential Cost Model: From Snowflake to a Blizzard

Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables organizations to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. With no barriers to entry and zero upfront license and infrastructure costs, you can get started for nothing.

Qrvey Enables Analytics with Significant Uptime and Credit Reduction

You can continue to use Snowflake as your data warehouse, while using Qrvey as your business intelligence software.

Rather than querying all analytics data via live Snowflake connection, reduce credit usage with a hybrid setup consisting of real-time data from Snowflake and synced data from Qrvey. You can use either tool for processing or a combination. Serving all queries from Qrvey’s synced data store can reduce Snowflake costs more than 47%.

Make Sure Your Software Is Indispensable in a Down Economy

Optimize Database Usage and Reduce Snowflake Costs

Many apps require significant uptime, remaining available almost instantly to a wide variety of users, including internal users and paying customers. Snowflake pricing may be particularly high for SaaS providers and less amenable to their business model. 

By using Qrvey’s data synchronization model, you can drastically reduce your Snowflake costs. Qrvey supports your need for real time, interactive analytics that are always on, without a meter that’s always running.

Advanced Analytics on Your Snowflake Data

By integrating an array of AWS microservices into a single platform that runs entirely within your environment, Qrvey brings all of this power together in a complete and easy-to-implement analytics solution. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.

Save Money

Many customers are seeing runaway price increases as analytics use increases. Read our blog for more on Snowflake’s cost model, which can drive increasing costs disproportionate to increases in usage.

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