The Benefits of Comprehensive Embedded Analytics Software

In the enterprise software world, there are tools and services out there to solve just about every problem. There are tools that collect data, tools to clean and organize that data, still other tools for analysis and analytics and even more for tasks like alerts, notifications, automation, and information distribution. Fortunately, there’s also an entire industry of consultants and specialists to help you choose, integrate and maintain all of these products and most importantly, explain how they all work.

Qrvey is different. Qrvey is an an embedded analytics platform deployed to your cloud environment that makes it quick and easy to solve your SaaS company’s issues with not being able to deliver an analytics feature your customers are asking for.

What You Get With a Comprehensive Embedded Analytics Platform

There are many benefits of having a single platform that combines data management, embedded analytics visualizations and automation, especially if your company has considered making these features available for self-service applications. Some of these benefits, like increased power, performance, and scalability, are obvious, but others are less obvious.

When considering a new data product or service, the topic of integration often gets minimized or sometimes even overlooked completely. In reality, there is a zero percent chance your existing data systems will perfectly align with the new product or service. That means you’ll likely be facing a lot of initial integration work to get your systems talking to each other. It’s also likely that some features you had expected or been promised will either not be possible or not work quite as well as you initially envisioned them. The more data tools, systems, and processes your company cobbles together, the more complex your integrations become, adding even more time, money and effort with every change, update and feature request.

Speaking of updates, integration is not just a one-time event. Having multiple products and services for your analysis, automation and information distribution means a steady stream of updates, patches and security fixes that will need to be addressed on a continual basis as both your business and your newly created patchwork of data tools, evolve over time.

Another hidden benefit of a unified platform, especially for self-service applications, is familiarity. Instead of administrators and end users having to learn and manage two, three or more disparate software tools, they can instead stay within a single, familiar platform and continually expand their knowledge and proficiency. A single, approachable platform, like Qrvey, saves both time and money when it comes to onboarding new employees and it adds to the enjoyment and productivity of existing ones.

Finally, let’s talk about the obvious benefits of power, performance and scalability. With Qrvey, new data doesn’t have to be batched, processed and sent to multiple systems before it can become useful. Your analytics, automation and reporting apps are instantly updated, allowing your company to act faster and smarter than ever before.

Add it all up, and it’s easy to see why all-in-one platforms, like Qrvey, outshine the alternatives and could even become one of the defining aspects of your business.


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