How Qrvey Defines Self-Service

The term “self service” has been a buzzword in the enterprise software world for quite some time, but depending on who you talk to, it could mean different things to different people. At Qrvey, we define self service in a number of ways.

First, we believe that self service shouldn’t be limited. Too often self service solutions only do one thing, like reporting, and little else. Or they are limited to one group or department within an organization. Qrvey is a full-cycle data platform. We provide data collection, analytics and automation services so users can ask, analyze and act on their information. We’re also designed so that everyone in your company can have access to the information they need.

Qrvey also believes in inclusivity. If your self service product doesn’t connect to all of your data, then it’s not giving your users all of the value. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build an architecture that can accept and organize any type of information whether it’s structured, unstructured or semi-structured data, or any combination thereof. No matter what your data is or where it lives, it can be ingested by Qrvey.

Performance is another way we measure self service. Connecting to all your data is only half of the equation. You also need the horsepower to be able to process all of that information and give your users the answers they need, when they need it. Interactivity has historically been a challenge with many analytic solutions, especially with large data sets. With Qrvey, you’re able to sort, filter, segment and analyze hundreds of millions of rows in near real-time. Qrvey’s platform was built in the cloud using cutting-edge technology to automatically scale up to meet demand while also ramping down when it’s not needed to conserve both energy and money.

Finally, self service also has to be flexible. For Qrvey, that means our platform can run as a stand-alone application or be easily embedded into existing web applications. Either way, Qrvey is built to be responsive no matter what device you may be using.