Qrvey’s Approach To Self Service

This week brought an opportunity to sit down with Maria Salazar, Head of Product Management at Qrvey, who shared some insights on the company’s self-service approach to analytics and working with data.

When we say Qrvey makes your data self service, what are we really talking about?

A lot of times, when we talk about analytics, we’re talking about static charts, reports and metrics. These are analytics that were typically built by someone in your IT department and users are just looking at them passively. Self-service analytics are totally different, they’re dymanic and interactive. Users can interact with them… they can change filters, combine data in different ways and ultimately build their own charts, reports and metrics to serve their own specific needs and answer their own questions.

Why does making data self-service matter?

Data by nature is a complex phenomenon. There are many ways to look at it and many techniques to analyze it. Every user approaches their analysis differently, so it’s important that your analysis tools are both powerful and flexible. Qrvey offers  solutions to democratize data. We use self-service technologies to make data accessible to anyone and everyone.

What does self-service feature actually mean for your data?

Well, for one, making data self-service empowers non-technical people to gain insight from their data. There are people who make working with technology seem like a piece of cake to the rest of us. There are those who know their way around spreadsheets like a pro. And there are those who are not tech-savvy at all. By making data self-service, Qrvey ensures there are no technical barriers, no technical skills required, to find the answers they need.

Another aspect of making data self-service is that it grants non-technical people the ability to make their data actionable. Data that can be useds for business decisionmaking is nothing short of priceless. Qrvey is redefining self service while keeping in mind that different companies have different needs and interpretations of which data is useful.

Before data can be analyzed it has to be gathered. Every single one of us has faced the process of collecting data at one point in our lives, whether that be for academic or professional purposes. There are different options on how to get the ball rolling on the process of collecting data. What Qrvey offers is a specialized set of tools used by data admins to ease up the data-collecting procedure.

Qrvey is not the only technology that makes data self-service. Companies like Qlik and Tableau Software pioneered this a concept. What makes Qrvey special?

What makes Qrvey truly stand out in the market is that our entire self-service analytics platform is also embeddable. There are other self-service data solutions on the market, however, but they are not designed to be embeddable. Software companies and service providers who build data-centric products or solutions need to enable their non-technical users, but also they need to infuse and integrate such capabilities into their offerings. Qrvey’s platform is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of self-service and embedded analytics.