From Analytics to Automation

Over the past several years, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the “data-driven enterprise,” that mythical utopia where your organization collects, analyzes and, most importantly, acts on information automatically, making better, faster decisions than ever before. In reality, being “data driven” is not a new phenomenon, it’s actually been slowly evolving for decades.

If you look back 40 years, you’ll see the beginnings of the data-driven enterprise. Back then, data systems were mainly tasked with just collecting and storing information. By 30 years ago, those systems became bigger and faster, and were able to collect significantly more information as well as retrieve it an acceptable time frame. That led to the age of analytics and business intelligence, which debuted around 20 years. Now, finally, companies could analyze their data, spot trends and begin to make decisions based on what the data was telling them. These analysis options expanded significantly about a decade ago with the advent of self-service capabilities, which allowed more and more people within an organization to participate in generating their own charts and reports and answering their own question.

But throughout this evolution, one thing has always been missing. Automation. For all of the analysis being done within enterprises, all of it was still being done by humans. All of the decision making has also been driven by humans. And for the most part, the analytics of today still looks a lot like the analytics of 20 years ago. In order to become a truly data-driven organization, your organization needs automation.

In the era of big data, automation has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. It’s no longer acceptable to not be using the latest automation tools for both analysis and decision making. Humans alone simply cannot process the volume or the diversity of data currently being generated by today’s modern enterprise. For those still trying, it’s only a matter of time before they will have to rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to lighten the load. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming vital tools in a company’s analytics arsenal.

That’s where all-in-one data platforms like Qrvey really shine. Qrvey is a next generation platform with automation at its core. Qrvey starts by automating the collection, organization and storage of data using our Data Router technology, automatically collecting any type of information from any data source, faster than ever before. Qrvey’s analytic engine is also fully automated, allowing data to be analyzed as fast as it’s received. Charts, metrics, webpages and reports are automatically updated with the latest information and alerts and notifications are instantaneous. Data in other systems can even be updated, all without human intervention, truly fulfilling the promise of a data-driven enterprise.

Without automation, your company will be stuck in the past, but with automation, you will be prepared for the future.