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Moving Analytics Into
The Age Of Microservices

Avoid These 8 Embedded Analytic Pitfalls

Incorporating embedded analytics into your platform doesn’t have to be a complicated or cumbersome process. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have analytics as one of their core competencies, which means mistakes are all too common. Most of these mistakes lead to the same place, to implementations with low adoption rates that fail to deliver insights to…

Your Consulting Services Are Under Attack

The best consultants and systems integrators are always the ones who remain nimble and are able to recognize and adapt to changing market conditions. In a rapidly changing business environment, consultants are increasingly under pressure to provide the scale and scope of services their clients need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and under…

Why Qrvey’s Cloud Analytics Tops The Competition

You may have noticed some embedded business intelligence providers touting their cloud offerings lately. That’s because the cloud is increasingly a must-have for software providers that need embedded analytics. However, this doesn’t mean that all clouds are created equal. In fact, there are several key differences that separate Qrvey from everyone else. Qrvey is the…

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