Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend…

If you’ve been around technology for any length of time, then you know that eventually, all of the tools you currently use and rely upon will be sunset, deprecated, replaced or acquired. This is especially true in enterprise software, where legacy applications often get sold, and sometimes re-sold, to make room for newer, up-and-coming technologies.

We’ve seen this trend all too well in the business intelligence and analytics space. Companies like Business Objects and Cognos were acquired 15 years ago. Second generation companies like Tableau and Looker were acquired 3 years ago. And more recently, there has been a wave of mergers and acquisitions in the embedded analytics space, namely Yellowfin, Zoomdata, Jinfonet, Izenda, Exago and Logi Analytics. All were acquired by legacy technology companies that aren’t even remotely focused on embedding analytics into other applications.

With acquisition comes a lot of change and uncertainty. And as a customer of embedded analytics products from any of these companies, you must always be forward thinking and prepared for what comes next. Will the acquirer still be developing the product as quickly? Will they continue to support it in the same way? Are your products even in their plans at all, or did they only want to acquire the customer list and/or intellectual property? Sadly, you’ll probably never know all of the details, but you will almost certainly feel the impact of these changes, slowly at first, but gaining steam as the months and years progress.

Some customers are already being told of sunset plans for the products they are using. Certainly, more such announcements are on the way. Are you one of the Izenda or Exago customers being asked to “pick a new product out of the hat”?

If you are currently affected, or soon to be affected by these products, perhaps it’s time to consider an infused analytics company that is focussed on you, one that’s built on a modern architecture to support the changing needs of SaaS companies. If you find yourself at this inflection point, consider Qrvey, the only analytics platform focused on the needs of SaaS companies to delight your customers and users with robust, embedded data assets.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our analytics experts and we’ll help get your embedded analytics plans back on track before it’s too late!

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