By now, we all know that if your software platform doesn’t support mobile, enterprises aren’t going to adopt it. Even if the majority of your users are largely sitting in front of laptops all day, there will inevitably be those use cases where mobile functionality will be an absolute necessity. At those moments, your platform not only has to deliver, it has to excel. There’s a big difference between saying you’re “mobile ready” or you “support mobile” versus what we say here at Qrvey, “mobile first.”

As an embedded analytics platform, we need to be able to provide functionality wherever users may need them, and that means mobile, tablet, and yes, desktops too. In fact, we’re even beginning to think about the next generation of applications, which probably won’t have any screens at all.

Part of being mobile-first also meansthat you can’t only provide some of your functionality on mobile, you need to provide ALL of it on mobile. That’s why our web forms, analytics, notifications and alerts all look great on mobile, ensuring that users can collect, analyze and automate their data no matter where they are.

The promise of self service has always been to ensure that the right people in your organization have the right information at all of the right times, and if you think about it, this goal simply isn’t achievable without a mobile-first philosophy. That’s why a simple “responsive design” isn’t enough. What your company really needs, is Mobile First.

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