Yesterday’s Analysis is Today’s Automation

For the past many years, the term “business intelligence” has been all the rage. Companies have been spending millions of dollars to collect and connect to their data, model and prepare it for analysis, then generate the reports and metrics they needed to make decisions. Eventually, over time, the process of generating analytics has become a little easier, but the process of actually making decisions has always been an arduous one.

That’s because legacy business intelligence software was only ever designed to present findings, not take actions on them. This meant decision making always needed to involve meetings, presentation, and countless hours of debate that rarely lead to actionable or agreeable decisions. Fortunately today, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today, products like Qrvey are taking enterprise software to the next level, by combining data collection and visual analysis with a powerful automation platform that can not only monitor your data in real-time, but also take actions, makes changes and send alerts and notifications, all on its own.

This approach has many advantages. The first is that automated decision-making happens instantly and doesn’t require lengthy meetings and discussions, many of which you’ve probably already had before. When certain conditions are met or thresholds exceeded, Qrvey’s automation platform acts in real-time.

But even more important is the fact that automations can be measured and tested over time with little extra effort. If the actions taken last month didn’t have exactly the right desired outcome, all of the data is readily available so that changes can be made this month and again next month until everything is running perfectly.