Deploying Embedded Analytics: The Best Of Both Worlds

Embedded Analytics for SaaS

At Qrvey, we’re pretty proud of our unique deployment model. If you’re not already familiar with Qrvey, we are 100% cloud-native on AWS, but we’re also deployed right into your existing AWS accounts. Why does that matter? Because only Qrvey can give you the best of both worlds. You get all of the performance, flexibility and scalability of the cloud, coupled with the security and control of deployed software. That allows us to stand out from the competition as the only embedded analytics solution for your entire data pipelines. And we’re the only provider who can save you up to 90% in costs when compared to traditional analytics providers!

The Best of the Cloud

The cloud is what makes the Analytics 3.0 revolution possible and takes embedded analytics to the next level. Qrvey was built on AWS, giving our platform access to dozens of exclusive cloud services. These services have levels of performance and scalability that legacy vendors can only dream of. The cloud also handles auto-scaling automatically, providing performance when you need it and significant cost savings when you don’t. Speaking of cost savings, only the cloud offers serverless infrastructure, which also translates into huge savings. Forget about paying for costly servers that mostly sit idle. Now there’s a better way.

Analytics was made for the cloud – Qrvey taps into every bit of what the cloud has to offer and makes it available to you in one single easy-to-use platform.

The Best of Deployed

Qrvey is not a hosted SaaS solution, we deploy directly into your existing AWS environment. That means we give your embedded analytics projects all of the benefits of deployed software. Developers love Qrvey because we make sure you are always in total control of your data and your infrastructure. All of the security and privacy policies you’ve already built automatically apply to Qrvey. And Qrvey makes it easy to control costs with simple, centralized administration. You can scale your infrastructure, deploy apps and apply updates on your schedule with a platform that’s fully SDLC compliant.

The Best Embedded Analytics for SaaS Companies

By combining the best of the cloud with the best of deployed software, Qrvey gives SaaS companies the unique opportunity to replace legacy data storage, analytics and automation infrastructure. Qrvey is a single platform that can manage your entire data pipeline, from data collection and transformation through automation and activation, with the efficiency that only a 100% serverless architecture can provide. We let SaaS companies simplify and streamline their data pipeline while adding capabilities and performance. We are the perfect choice for sensitive analytics environments that require HIPPA, PCI or SOC compliance.

If you’re a SaaS provider on AWS that needs embedded analytics, schedule a demo today at to learn more.