Two Sure-Fire Ways To Beat Your Competition

As a software vendor, you’re in a constant battle to attract and retain users to grow your platform. Every day, your competition is hard at work adding new features and capabilities, which means you need to work faster and smarter than ever before. There are a lot features you could add to your software to bring more value to your users, but we’ve identified two sure-fire ways you can leapfrog your competition and gain a clear competitive advantage.

Most business software on the market today has become very good at collecting and aggregating data from various sources. Whether you’re talking about CRM systems, marketing automation or customer support software, the first step to building value for your customers is to get all of the data you need into one place. But for many of these systems, using this treasure trove of data to visualize what’s really happening in your business, or better yet, using it to find answers and gain insights to important business questions, remains woefully lacking. That’s why the first sure-fire way to beat your competition is to add robust business intelligence and analytic capabilities to your application.

For many platforms, analytics and reporting are not a core competency, and that’s why many services offer only basic dashboards with a few homegrown chart and reporting options. But these solutions rarely provide users with the insights and information they desire. This gap in functionality typically leaves them with only one option, download what data they can into Excel and perform their own analysis. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A better option is to embed a complete analytic and automation platform that makes adding advanced analytics to your application quick and easy. Features like reports, metrics, dashboards and data visualizations are all within reach and allow your users to spot trends and identify outliers faster than ever before. Automation can further enhance these capabilities by ensuring that data is always up to date and in sync, and that alerts and notifications are sent the moment conditions change. Using a platform, all of these capabilities can be easily updated, making them a far superior option to custom, in-house analytic solutions with limited and often cumbersome functionality.

Having better BI and analytics in your application is only one of the sure-fire ways to beat your competition. The second, is making all of those capabilities self-service. Many companies don’t consider self service options because typically, they are only focused on their current needs. But what about your future needs? It’s impossible to predict which reports, metrics, dashboards and data visualizations you or your users might need months or years down road. But by having self-service capabilities, your users can be in control and use what you’ve already provided them to perform their own analysis.

Qrvey is an analytic and automation platform that both entirely embeddable and 100% self service, ensuring that it will not only meet your users’ needs today, but also all of those you can’t foresee tomorrow. And with Qrvey, your company gets the complete package. You not only get both sure-fire ways to win, but you also get them with a pricing and licensing model that fits your needs, from a company and team that’s committed to your success.